We are a telecommunications company out of the midwest that provides customers with excellent service and speedy project turnover time. Our specialties are in the arena of directional drilling and construction of voice and data communications. We also offer development of other underground utilities for residential and commercial installations.

Our company is comprised of 2 main units: one handling the installation of telecom service lines that carry data for miles on end and the other that provides underground construction for utility services such as power, gas or water. By selecting Cypher Logic's solutions, you'll eliminate useless waste in investment, reduce development costs, enhance performance and reliability, and improve operational efficiencies.

While we are proud of our solutions, market reach, and capabilities, we are most confident that the people of Cypher Logic truly make the difference in delivering the right solution for your business.

As experts in our field of choice we have seen many of the challenges you face and we understand the demands of your business. Our knowledgeable site management, sales, and service delivery staff will team with you to implement the right capabilities that meet your needs the first time, on time. Our easy-to-reach and highly responsive customer care staff will ensure you get the support you need, when you need it.

On the strength of our people, our skills, and capabilities, Cypher Logic has experienced dramatic growth since our inception in 1998. The acquisition of new equipment and personnel with specialized skills has provided the fuel for our success in recent years.

Cypher Logic is led by Ken Wade, President and CEO and John Glover, COO and Vice President of operations. With more than 20 years of combined experience in the Telecommunications and construction industries, their leadership is instrumental in building upon the company's strong foundation.

So whether you need to ensure the reliable development of utility service lines or provide an on-time, on-budget delivery of your project, Cypher Logic has the products and services and know-how you need to be successful.